Monday, March 26, 2012

RKC Training round up week of March 19th

I earmarked Monday March 19th as the kick off for my RKC training.....I had a substantial break from my program last month when having to deal with my son. I kept my fitness up, but wasn't able to follow my training plan w.any regularity.
RKC is 6 months away. It's now or never....

Here is what I did for the week:


3 TGU on each side before switching, holding 5(s) in each position - 12kg
2x5 Chin-ups - I can (barely) do 2 consecutive unassisted chin-ups...I put a little step stool down under the bar to help finish my sets
4X5 KB Deadlifts - 32kg.....can go heavier, but my 32kg is the heaviest bell I have.
Press ladder - 2,3,5 R/L X2 - 12kg
One arm swings - 6R/6L X 10 sets - 16kg


4 TGU on each side before switching -12kg
4X5 KB Single arm Deadlifts - 24kg
Clean, Squat, Press complex - 2,3,4 R/L X 4(!!!)- not putting bell down until both sides are done - did 3 sets w.12kg, 1 set w.10kg
Alternating Swings 8R/8L X 6 sets - 16kg
GTG Chin-ups throughout the day


5 TGUs R/L, switching sides after each one - 12kg
KB Deadlift - 2x5 - 32kg
Press - 2x5 R/L - 12kg
Goblet Squat 2X5 - 24kg
5/5/5 2 hand swing ladder X 8 w.16lg, 20kg, 24 kg

Had a session w.Mike Perry of Skill of Strength, in their new spot. What a beautiful room to train in! The session went great - went over TGU, Press and swing....just barely had time to get into snatch....I've been working on it on my own. It's coming along, slowly, but surely.

Things I need to work on:
In my TGU, slowing down my roll up to my elbow and engaging my lats.
In my single arm swing, keeping my lats engaged and my shoulders square...also, keeping my arm/elbow in tight against my body until my hips pop.
In my swing, making sure I hinge when the bell hits my crotch and not before.

On my in between days, I did KB fusion classes (Tues/Thurs) as well as taught spin (Wed/Fri).....cardio endurance can only help me during the snatch test :)........
6 months to go!!!! Feeling good :)

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