Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garden Tally! and a brief RKC training check in

All I have to say is WOAH! Our garden is quite prolific.
Here's the tally as of yesterday:

Broccoli 27.3 oz = 1.71 lb
Radishes 3.2 oz
Basil 13.1 oz
Beets/Greens 42.2 oz = 2.64 lb
Golden Beets/Greens 6.5 oz
Blueberries 1.5 oz
Lettuce 1.4 oz
Fennel 0.1 oz
Rainbow chard 17.1 oz
Sun Golds 219.6 oz = 13.7 lb
Onions 19.7 oz = 1.23 lb
Green Beans 22.7 oz = 1.42 lb
Strawberries 1.4 oz
Eggplant 20.8 oz = 1.3 lb
My Girl Tomatoes = 37.5 oz = 2.3 lb
Green Zebras = 218 oz = 13.6 lb
Black Cherry Tomatoes = 9.6 oz
Poblano Peppers = 7.6 oz
Carrots = 6 oz
Sweet Peppers = 8.7 oz
Lemon Balm = 0.3 oz
Raspberries = 0.1 oz
Heirloom Bean = 0.2 oz

Grand Total: 684.6 oz = 42.8 lb of produce!!!

We are swimming in tomatoes! They have been delicious! Here are some pics:

Green Zebras:
Tomato salad w/Green Zebras, Sun Golds and Black Cherry variety, w.a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic reduction:
We've gotten a couple beautiful Poblano peppers:
We got a lovely batch of carrots:

The Fairy Tale eggplant have been growing great too. I grilled some off, creating a delicious and buttery eggplant:

The chard continues to grow big and bold:

We have cabbage coming in as well....the cauliflower we planted hasn't really started to produce heads and I'm not sure they will. Our stalks of Brussels sprouts continue to get bigger and the sprouts are forming nicely.

Training update - RKC is in just 6 weeks, I can't believe it! My training has been going well. I'm starting to get more nervous and the anticipation of how the weekend is going to go is definitely growing. I will continue to train and train hard. I'm looking forward to being able to share the RKC experience with a couple of girls that I did my HKC with last September. At least we'll be able to take the ride together!

That's it for now. Hope you're eating well!!
Enjoy :)