Friday, March 2, 2012

Something out of Nothing: A quick Paleo friendly lunch

I was hungry for lunch just about 30 minutes ago, poking around the fridge, grumbling about not having anything to eat.
Then I looked a little closer and found a number of things that could make up a delicious lunch:

some leftover wild coho salmon from dinner, leftover cooked bacon, raw kale, sweet peppers (already cut up), avocado, and a golden beet.

I washed up the raw kale, then massaged it a bit w.some lemon juice. That is the trick to getting kale prepped for a raw salad. The massaging w.the acid of the juice actually breaks the kale down a bit, softening it up, so when it's eaten, it's got a nice texture and flavor.
I put the kale on a plate and added all my other goodies; I flaked the salmon over the top, cut up some avocado and piled that on, peeled and chopped the golden beet, dumped on the already cut sweet peppers and crumbled on some bacon. Last, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice....
It took 5 minutes.
5 minutes vs 30 minutes and loss of control of adding just those ingredients I wanted to eat if I had gone the route of going to pick something up to eat.

It was delicious and healthy as well. So next time, take a closer look in the fridge. You just might be able to make something from nothing :)

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