Friday, August 17, 2007

Chutzpah, that's what's happening

Me and my big mouth.
Yup, me and my big mouth got me some free advertising!

I was in Sur La Table the other day and I asked if anyone every did food demos there. The manager of the store was there at the time, and she was not sure. However, the District Manager happened to be there that day, and she said she would ask. She gave me her card and told me to call her back.
So I called her back and she said she was unable to connect with the District Manager, and that I should call back tomorrow.
(Interesting how she never took my contact information - she left it all on me).
I called back the next day and She said, Why don't we go forward with it!!!!!!
I'm going to do a food demo at Sur La Table!!!!
After Labor Day, I'm going to go in and look through their cookbooks, and select one to cook from. Then we'll decide on a cook day.
The only stipulation I had was that I be able to have my business card and brochure out on the table.
The kicker is that they give a professional discount to cooking professionals, so now whatever I buy there, I'll get a 15% discount.
:) have a good weekend.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

1 test down, 2 to go

I took the first of 3 tests from the Culinary Business Academy yesterday on Business, Accounting, and Marketing.
Damn, now I know why I went into science and the arts.
I still don't have a clue about business and accounting and marketing.
I just hope I "wung" it enough to pass. I'll know in 5 - 10 business days.....

2 more to go, one on the routines of Personal cheffing and food safety, the next on cooking techniques.

God I hope I pass, I have SO much anxiety over these tests, you don't even know.

The website is under development

Thyme To Cook website is under construction and will be up and running probably at the end of August:

Thyme To Cook is almost open!

Hi all,
I've started a Thyme To Cook blog to post about what's happening, and what's cooking with Thyme To Cook.
Soon I'll be posting recipes, pics of what's cooking and stories about life as a personal chef.
Check back for more details soon!