Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Breakfast for Dinner and an RKC training update

I made some strides this past week in training, specifically in my Military Press. In between the last 2 weeks I had a session w.Mike Perry of Skill of Strength. We worked on a bunch of things, thing being the position of my arm in the rack. That subtle shift caused me to be able to press better. 2 weeks ago in my Clean, Squat, Press complex, which I do 4 sets of (2,3,4 reps each side), I used the 12kg for 3 sets, and had to drop down to 10kg for last set. This past week, after changing my arm position, I was able to use the 12kg for all 4 sets.

I've been swinging the 16kg single arm and it seems to not be getting any easier for me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not strong or if it's just poor technique. Probably the latter.
It's a real downer, because I've been working very hard. Not progressing makes it probably seem like I'm not putting the time in, but that's just not the case. But it just gives me the drive to make it work because like I've said before, making RKC is a personal goal of mine for 2012. I have to believe that I will prevail (or I won't).

I took away from this week's session w.Mike some exercises to do which will (hopefully) improve my arm strength - one is the heavy Single Arm Deadlift, doing it prior to swinging the bell. This morning I did 8 X 5 R/L SADL w.24kg and then did 15 X 5 R/L SAS w. 16kg. I already see a small gain in strength, helping me to nail my form. So, for the next couple weeks, I'm going to concentrate on nailing down my single arm swing. I feel confident that I can do that.

The other thing we spent some time on is the RKC Arm bar (straight and bent). I had never seen these exercises so it was a real eye opener for me in terms of getting my lats to engage and increase my T-spine and shoulder mobility. That area on my body is my least mobile (confirmed by FMS) so it's important that I improve it. I'll be working on these exercises as well to help arm stability in the TGU.

All this training makes me hungry so, here's a recipe for you.....

Sometimes I want something for dinner which might not be dinner, but rather breakfast. There's nothing wrong with eating breakfast for dinner!!!
Here's a real quick, protein packed dinner idea, a riff off the LEO (Lox, Egg, Onion) I make the BELS - Broccoli, Egg, Lox and Scallion....scallions are sauteed, chopped broccoli is added in, then lox and lastly, the egg, to bind it all together. It's a great savory and salty dish.

Take 2 scallions and a few florets of broccoli and chop them up. You'll need some lox as well. Lox is smoked salmon, and it's luscious. I used wild Coho lox for this recipe. I used about 2 oz per serving. Plan for 3 eggs per serving as well, which you whisk up until frothy.

Saute your scallion over medium heat until softened.

Add in broccoli and saute for about 2 minutes, then add in lox, continuing to saute for about a minute.

Pour in your eggs.
You can leave the egg to set around all your ingredients or scramble the egg up with the ingredients. I chose to scramble :)
The lox is salty, so watch how much salt you use to season the dish.

If you don't have broccoli, feel free to substitute any fresh ingredient you have such as asparagus or even cauliflower.

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