Friday, October 24, 2008


I made some chili yesterday using some gorgeous ground pork from Stillman's (my meat CSA), as well as some of the remaining veggies that I had from my CSA: carrots, parsnips, celery and a type of chile that I believe is called a colorado chile??? It looks like a tomato and is sweet hot, not hot hot. It is a good chile to pickle.
Here's how it all went down:
First, I got all my aromatics cut up. I only used 1 tomato chile because I really didn't want too much heat. Louise happens to love chili, so it had to be Lou friendly.

Here is the chile that I have been referring to:

First, I got my pork going:

Then the onions and garlic, the rest of the veggies, and off it cooked for a while....

In went the liquids. My secret ingredient is, yup, coffee:

In went diced tomatoes w/their juice and some beef broth, and lastly, the kidney beans:

For spices I used garlic powder, ancho chile powder, cumin, epazote and Mexican oregano, and of course S+P. Epazote is an herb that smells like rubber tires, but is a classic Mexican herb and adds undertones of Mexican food that you can't really get anywhere else....
I also cut the stems off some cilantro and put them into a disposable tea bag (for loose tea). That way, you can incorporate the flavor of the cilantro, but you are able to pull the stems when the cooking process is done:

After about an hour of simmering, this is what it looked like:
It was ready to get thickened up a bit. I did that with Masa Harina. Masa is ground corn, used to make corn tortillas (as well as empanada dough and arepas and other things). Have you ever had an arepa? Oh my, so good. I haven't had a "true" arepa since I was in college/grad school, should I date myself??, nah, I don't need to reveal that.
Anyways, I was dating a guy who was of Colombian descent. We would go down to Jackson Heights, Queens to a restaurant there called La Pequina Colombia (here's a link: review, nice to see it's still in business). We would always get arepas there, though they are street food and are sold at carts on the streets. They were made of 2 layers of masa dough, cooked on a griddle and stuffed with an oozing white cheese. I'm not sure what the cheese was, but it was sweet and delicious. Man, I could go for one of those right now..... Anyways heres how the Masa comes packaged:

I added about 6 TBS (a little more than 1/3 cup), and it thickened the chili right up. The last thing to do was pull the cilantro stems and re-season w/S+P, and stir in a ton of chopped cilantro. I served it with cheese, chopped scallions, lime wedges and for myself, plain Greek fat free yogurt.

It was good and thick and delicious. Hungry yet?


elwood said...

Looks good... I like the coffee add, I will have to try that (I normally use beer). I made up some chili this past weekend. Got my hands on some scotch bonnets, so I threw one monster in there... I like it hot. :)

Chef Debbie said...

That looks great and what a great hint about the cilantro stems. I hadn't thought to use those in chili! I love to put them in stock that I'm making to use for oriental soups, tho.