Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Egg Bowl and an RKC training update

All my life I was under the impression that I didn't like egg yolks. I would toss the yolk and make scrambled egg whites or get rid of the hard cooked yolk and just eat the white. Just recently however, in the wake of a deviled egg craze, I decided to try the yolk again, but this time, using local, farm fresh eggs from pastured hens. To my surprise, I liked the yolk! I was excited and disappointed at the same time  - what had I been missing all these years??? I quickly came up with this recipe for South Western Deviled Eggs and went about enjoying eating hard cooked eggs.

Most of you know that I have been training for my RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge), which is Sept 28-30. In January, I adopted a more "Paleo/Primal" style diet, cutting out grains and legumes in favor of lean, grass-fed and pastured meats, wild fish, eggs, healthy fats like coconut and avocado, fruits and veggies. I did this because I felt at that point, I wasn't progressing in my training. This move was a good move for me. I started to get stronger and my training took off. Food for me is fuel and something I fuel up with is what I've dubbed the Egg Bowl.

The Egg Bowl is made up of hard cooked eggs, avocado and your swing ingredients. The swing ingredients are whatever else you want to add: bacon, other meats or fish, and/or other veggies. I always add hot sauce as well. These egg bowls are delicious, filling and packed with nutrients. Let's review nutrition facts for 1 cup of hard cooked eggs: 211 cal, 14g fat (4g sat, 6g mono, 2g poly), 1.5g carb, 17g protein, a bunch of Vitamins/Minerals including Vit A, Riboflavin, Vit B12, Folate, Selenium and Phosphorus, to name a few. Also included are Sterols, but before you get all nuts about the cholesterol, understand that reports lead to the fact that egg consumption does not raise blood cholesterol levels - read more about that here: Eggs. I usually have 3-4 hard cooked eggs a day, and I feel good about it!

I LOVE my Egg Bowls! Here are a few that I have enjoyed:
Grass fed burgers, hard cooked egg, avocado, arugula, hot sauce, sea salt

 Smoked trout, hard cooked egg, avocado, hot sauce, sea salt
 Crumbled pastured bacon, hard cooked egg, avocado, hot sauce, sea salt

So, the possibilities are really endless....I usually have 2 hard cooked eggs, 1/2 med avocado and add the other ingredients to them....I'm addicted!!!

So back to RKC training. It's coming along! And I'm down to just about 2 months to go until the training. One thing I have been doing is an 80 count snatch test. I've talked about the snatch test before: it's 100 snatches in 5 minutes, w.your testing bell - for me, it should be the 12kg (~25lbs). 
I've done 3 rounds so far and here are my times: 
06/30/12: 80 snatches in 3:38
07/07/12: 80 snatches in 3:50
07/18/12: 80 snatches in 3:38
I'm feeling pretty good about those times. I will repeat again this week, but will push it out to 100 and see what the time is.
In the mean time, I've been working hard on my hip snap in my cleans, one arm swings and snatches - using the 14kg and 16kg so that the 12kg will feel manageable.
Good stuff!.
Give the egg bowl a try and let me know what you put in it!
Enjoy :)

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