Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Garden Tally

How's your garden growing?
Ours is really full tilt! We've been harvesting the Sun Gold tomatoes, every day picking over 1/2 pint each time!! Have you ever tried a Sun Gold??? It's a little yellow-orange tomato that bursts with sweetness when you bit into it...yummmmm! We are patiently waiting for the heirloom Green Zebra tomatoes to ripen up. We also have another heirloom variety, called My Girl, and those also are on the vine, but not yet ripe.

 The decorative gourds have started to grow.

Our first eggplants are coming in, as well as another round of Rainbow Chard, green beans and strawberries.

The peppers are really growing well now, both sweet and hot (jalapenos and poblanos).

We harvested our first few red onions - they are very little, but very tasty, and more will be ready quite soon (as well as the yellow onions).    

The cabbage is growing, but no head is forming...not sure why....maybe it will form in the near future?

Unfortunately, we continue to be taxed by critters that eat the Sun golds, as well as our blueberries. I think we've only gotten 10 or 15 blueberries off our 3 bushes!

Totals as of this morning:
Broccoli 27.3 oz
Radishes 3.2 oz
Basil 5.7 oz
Beets/Greens 42.2 oz
Golden Beets/Greens 6.5 oz
Blueberries 1.1 oz
Lettuce 1.4 oz
Fennel 0.1 oz
Rainbow chard 7.1 oz
Sun Golds 42.1 oz
Onions 2.0 oz
Green Beans  10.9 oz
Strawberries 1.3 oz
Eggplant 1.8 oz
Grand Total: 152.7 oz, 9.54 lbs of produce :)

Hope your garden is giving you a big bounty!
Enjoy :)

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