Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden update, Harvest Tallies, Road to RKC

Our garden boxes are doing fantastic! Here's some progress pics to check out.

Carrots coming up and looking good:
Rainbow Chard:
The marigolds we started from seed that are scattered throughout the boxes are now in bloom:
The basil plants have expanded:
A beet, ready to be pulled:
And the gorgeous beet greens:
Our heirloom beans are climbing up the trellis:
The tomato plants have all either flowered or have tomatoes growing:
We also put in some berry bushes, blueberries and raspberries, and the blues are on their way:
To date, this is what has been harvested and enjoyed:
Broccoli: 27.3 oz
Radishes: 2.2 oz
Beets/Greens: 21.2 oz
Basil: 0.3 oz
Total: 51 oz of produce = 3.19 lbs Not too bad for late June!!
The broccoli plants have all been harvested and we added in cauliflower and cabbage plants. The broccoli was delicious; here it's sauteed with young garlic, from Allandale Farm:
Patiently waiting for those tomatoes to ripen up!!

Ok, now a quick update on my training for RKC. I feel like I've reached a plateau. For a while, I was going like gang busters and I made some great progress (read about that progress in this post: Training). The past couple of weeks though, have just felt weird for me. I'm in between programs and feel a little lost. I'm hoping that next week, after meeting with my coach (Mike Perry, Skill of Strength), that I can get back on the train so to speak.
I guess for me, this is just part of the journey. It's ups and it's downs. Some days I feel like I'll go to RKC and conquer it. Other days I question myself, should I even be going to RKC, and why am I doing this? So the journey continues....I'm looking forward to getting a new training program next week and hopefully it will bring me some plateau busting gains.

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