Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CSAs 2011

I've gone and joined 2 CSAs this year. I've kept my allegiance to my favorite farm, Stillman's Farm and joined for a half share for the first time at the Newton Community Farm; I live in Newton, so it was important for me, I felt, to support this amazing farm, that is literally <1 mile from my house. The NCF was a lottery membership and I was picked! Since I got a half share w.the Newton farm, I'll be picking up every other week instead of weekly as I will with Stillman's.
The CSA started a couple weeks back for me, with my first pickup from NCF; Stillman's starts next week. I've decided to keep a tally of what I make with my shares, kind of to keep it real and so I can keep it interesting....
Here's a general pic of the share from my first pick up at the Newton farm; I took home 2 heads of lettuce, a great big bunch of arugula, a bunch of white turnips, green garlic, rainbow chard, cilantro and chives...not bad for a first week!!!
So I'm going to post what I've done with my awesome produce....this time around I don't have pics to share of my final dishes, but I plan to snap pics from this point forward to report back on the blog...
Here's the eats from Newton Farm, Week 1:
1. Stir Fry with the white turnips, rainbow chard, green garlic, jalapenos, chives and cilantro (yum, this was SO delish)
2. The lettuce was used in salads and sandwiches (see below)
3. Lettuce, chives and cilantro were used in hummus roll-ups on lavash with spinach and jalapenos
4. Chives were used with some spinach and the arugula with sesame tofu over brown rice
5. Remaining chives and arugula were used in a stirfry with shallots, spinach and collards with Gardein Homestyle Beefless Tips (delish as well)!!!!

That's it for my first week....picking up tomorrow as well as next Tuesday, so you'll find another post soon!

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