Sunday, June 26, 2011

CSA Report - Pickups 2/1

I had my second pick up from Newton Community Farm and my first of this season from Stillman's over the past couple weeks....the season is coming along nicely....along w.our own garden, we are packed to the gills w.goodies!

At Newton, I got to hit the fields to pick the snap peas I took home; the sun was shining and it was hot and it felt awesome. Plus the snap peas were so incredibly sweet, that most of them were eaten straight up! I also took home Red leaf lettuce, kale, garlic scapes, basil, dill, arugula and Haruki turnips. At Sillman's I took home Tuscan kale, Yellow chard, Green leaf lettuce, golden beets, strawberries and zucchini. Lots of produce to keep me busy!!

Snap peas:
I wanted to quickly share a tip on how to clean up a snap pea. When it's fresh, the top of the pea, where it meets the plant, should snap right back, and you should be able to pull it down towards you, taking the strings on either side right down with it:
Pull the top down towards you:
and continue to pull it:
Top view:
You're left w.a nice clean snap pea :)

Here is what a garlic scape looks like:
The scape is actually the top or the shoot of the garlic and it's completely edible and delicious. It's garlicy in flavor but more mild....think less can use scapes where you would garlic as well as where you might not since they are more mild (think raw dips, sauces etc)....

Here's some gorgeous Red leaf lettuce...check out the tender leaves and how beautifully colored they are:
Here's a bowl of basil and dill, being washed prior to use:
and check out this cool zucchini, the Romanesco's got ribs and forms a cool shape when cut crosswise:
So what have I been making w.the goods??? Here's a run down....

1. The red leaf lettuce was cut up into a salad.
2. I used the Haruki turnips to make into sesame turnip chips in my can read about that here on my raw foods blog: Turnip chips and here's a pic of them as well:

3. I used the kale from NCF as well as the beet greens from Stillman's to also make chips in the dehydrator....check out this beautiful kale chip:

4. The garlic scapes, dill and basil were made into pesto which was used a couple of different ways. First off, I made a Pesto grilled chicken where I used a beautiful chicken also from Stillman's (the meat portion of the CSA) and slathered it w.pesto as well as S+P and some garlic powder, and grilled was great.
Here's can see, he's missing a wing.....
During the grilling process:
After resting and carving:

The chicken was eaten as is, but was also used during the week w.the remaining pesto and some semolina bucatini pasta for a quick meal....I used the pesto w.quinoa pasta and spinach.....

5a. I used the yellow chard to make "burritos" using the stem of the chard in the filling as well as some other ingredients - I am going to go "Sandra Lee" on you w.the "Semi-homemade" concept here. I am addicted to the Golden Sesame Tofu @Whole I used that as well as brown rice from WF as the filling w.the chard stem and some diced jalapeno. Off the hook!!!

5b. The chard was also used along with the remaining snap peas in a quick stir fry w.some ginger seitan, black barley and wheat berries that I also got @Whole Foods....

6. Tuscan kale became a gorgeous raw kale salad with green onions, sunflower, pea and broccoli sprouts, fresh parsley, red pepper, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds dressed with a miso-almond butter dressing:

7. The zucchini was used in a couple different ways.....first to make zucchini chips in the dehydrator....second in a nice brown rice salad along with cashews and golden Hunza raisins with a red wine vinaigrette. It was served with lamb shanks from Stillman's farm, that were oven braised in red wine with rosemary, mushrooms and aromatic veggies...again, when you start with outstanding ingredients, you're going to have an outstanding meal....

As of today, I haven't used the Green leaf lettuce, arugula or golden beets yet.....I anticipate a raw golden beet salad in my future :)

I'll leave you w.these 2 shots of the most amazing strawberry, which I haven't been able to bring myself to eat yet (the other strawberries were not that lucky.....)!!!!


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